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Welcome to National Lampoon College Television.

The first network for students, by students.

National Lampoon College Television provides schools with irreverent original content from one of the most acclaimed names in entertainment, while creating a platform for students to produce network shows for their peers to watch.

The User-Generated Generation

Today, more than 75% of user-generated video that is uploaded online is created by persons under the age of 25. Technology has made filmmaking more accessible than ever before, and more students are able to pursue their own film and television projects thanks to advances in digital video. While YouTube has turned young musicians and filmmakers into overnight sensations, it lacks the collective focus of specified television network programming and the classic tradition of communal viewing with friends.

National Lampoon College Television will provide outlets for student filmmakers to not only create work for broadcast television, but to also have their name associated with a legendary entertainment brand, making them eligible for awards, prizes, and work in the film and television industry in the process.

Young people will continue to make the most exciting and innovative new material in entertainment – National Lampoon is providing those young people with a window for that material to reach an audience of their peers.

So how does it work?

National Lampoon provides block programming to be featured on your campus’s television station. Each week, our partner schools will receive 4-hour blocks of Lampoon programming that they simply program into the campus network’s lineup.

Lampoon shows like Half-Baked (cooking college-style) and Worked U (user-generated prank videos) will showcase the irreverence of the college lifestyle, while providing a unique platform to engage student filmmakers.

How do you like these apples?

National Lampoon also provides schools with Lampoon programming they won’t find anywhere else, in addition to popular work from our content partners. Why run the same old movies on your campus network when you can engage students with programming that everyone will be talking about?

The cost of these apples
(adjusted for inflation)

So what’s a dynamic new program like this going to cost your school? Nothing. Free.99, nada, etc. This is a COST-FREE program for your school. Of course, you could pass on the program, and tell us we’re crazy for offering it free, but then we’d have to kill this dog:

Please don’t make us do it.

We really love the little guy. Please don’t make us do it.